Minimum Visiting charges:

• Services from 9 AM to 7 PM – Rs. 150
• Services from 7 PM to 9 PM – Rs. 250

Customer must pay the minimum visiting charges of Rs 150 out of which Rs 50 are for booking charge and Rs 100 are adjusted against the bill. In case work billing is less than Rs 100 , minimum charges of Rs 150 will be applicable to the customer.

If bill is less than Rs.100,then minimum charge will be Rs.150.for example:

1 if work has been done of Rs. 65 then the minimum work will be assumed of Rs.100 plus booking charge Rs.50 i.e 100+50=150.
2. if work has been done of Rs.250 then the charge would beRs.250 plus booking charge Rs.50 i.e 250+50=300.


Silver Plan

Annual Registration fee–Rs.2000/-
Free Service worth Rs 2000/- as per the Rate card.
12 free Visits within a year.

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  • Experts at your door steps